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"Piano and the Art of Pianism is an artistic and intellectual pursuit that brings joy to the soul."
Celebrating 20 years of teaching the Piano... 1991/92- 2011/12 Miss Angela shares her talent and insight with her students who have performed on TV, won awards in NY & PA, and who perform at professional music events. Angela Kneale is a classical-jazz crossover of Japanese-American descent. Her name in Japanese is translated to Angela =Tenshi (said ten-she) Kneale =Katsu (said kaht-su.). Pianistically, her phenomenal virtuosic fluency and diverse technical background developed on naturally and was influenced by more than 22 years of continuous private artistic & pedagogic studies with world class instructors. Her teaching/pedagogy was in development by the time she was 13. As a recruited student, at age 15, of the Main Line Conservatory of Music in Philadelphia, PA and under direction from the Original Kodaly family of thought, Angela Kneale developed her own "Way" to assist today's aspiring young musicians across all genres at a big city & real world pace. She also holds a degree in music from Ithaca College School of Music. Please visit Angela's blog at www.pianonoir.com More Biographical Information Teaching: Specializes in teaching ages 10-21; experienced teaching Children with autism, toddlers to the elderly with severe arthritis. Offers training to other instrumentalists and vocalists who need specific skills to aid in their own musicality. Pianistic basics include: Theory, eartraining, sightsinging , sightreading, memorization, performance presentation; techniques, interpretation, Composition. Quality Sound by Angela Kneale No matter what the students are playing and no matter how short or how long the piece;- I just want my students to make a good sound. I believe that my students realize that producing a "Good" sound takes more time and patience to learn than learning the notes on the page. Anyone can play. Not everyone has a good ear to become a precision sound engineer, or the time to develop the coordination and understanding to articulate their emotion. This type of sound production flows from your imagination of the sound; to the production of that sound; (flowing from brain to finger ; onto the keyboard ; and to the listener's ear). This practice is for developing accuracy of sound production and reproduction through fine motor skills. This practice is what makes pieces sparkle through the air.
- Angela M. Kneale
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