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A suitable instrument to learn piano and practice piano skills must be available for the student during home study: Typically, a piano or keyboard, with a full set of 88 keys. Headphones are discouraged for young children. Please contact Angela Kneale at 808-366-6837 (updated 1/2016) to discuss the purchase of an instrument for home study. Piano consulting for prospective piano or keyboard purchasers is necessary. A $50 fee will be billed for this service.

*pIease note that keyboard lessons are for Keyboard; an entirely different instrument from the Piano.
Please specify.

****After the first lesson:


Lesson materials can be purchased online or through Angela Kneale. Please specify in writing and by email. Should the teacher purchase materials for the student, payment is expected upon receipt of the materials. Books are required to be provided by the Student and present at the 3rd lesson (or shortly after assigned).


Students who have an instrument that is tuned regularly will enjoy their practice. And, you will enjoy their practice much more. Once a piano has fallen out of tune, students are more likely to loose interest in practicing. A qualified tuner is a sound investment for the longevity of your instrument; its tuning, and upkeep.

Please check with the National Piano Technicians Guild for a list of qualified tuners or ask your teacher Angela M. Kneale.

Communication Communication regarding a students progress and direction is important. If you have any questions for your teacher the best way to communicate is by attending a lesson. Please be patient when contacting me, as I will attempt to contact you as soon as possible.

Weekly Lessons -
I do ask that students practice for the best possible success at your lessons. Practice time varies according to age and playing level and ability. Very young beginners should strive for consistent time at the piano each day of at least 20 min. a day. The average beginner will practice 30-45 min. a day every day of the week. While a committed musician intermediate -early advanced student may want to accomplish 3-6 hrs every day.

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Please do your best and make time each day of the week for a concentrated and focused practice. It is your responsibility to know what to practice. This is not public school where assignments are graded. You are responsible for your own practice. Please keep a piano journal and practice notebook and pencil at your practice and at your lesson so that you can take notes for a more effective practice.


As much as I admire great sports teams, enjoy watching the NFL playoffs, and other sport oriented events, you must be very self motivated to be successful at the piano. Playing the piano is considered to be an intellectual activity. Sports, are not intellectual activites. Even the very successful soccer players practice on their own time away from the team.

Piano teaches personal presentation, focus, control, and self determination. You can cry at the piano in practice and be overjoyed with a performance. Everyday is not a good day. And some days are much better than anyone could hope for.

Piano is, in practice, meditative. Both students and parents should understand that piano study is an entirely independent activity. The student must be responsible for their repertoire and practice during the week. Students who neglect their learned repertoire in practice should not expect to be able to perform within a months time or even within 2 years. Lessons are weekly.

Students are expected to understand that they are to move along in their books and practice the SAME repertoire for several weeks (hopefully between 1-3 months). As your teacher, I do my best to select pieces that you can live with. And dont worry, even if youre a piano person, I do take Holidays and special events into consideration (no excuses needed) when attempting to schedule a winter/ spring recital.


Students who are capable of reading and checking out pieces that they would like to study are encouraged to do so in their own time. Students need time to learn and assimilate their pieces. Every individual student progresses at a different rate. Constant changes and unfinished works lead to low self esteem, minimal musical and pianistic development, and unnecessary frustration on the part of the student. Lesson time is a time to ask questions, work on difficult transitions, and new material.


Students who continually quit for a season and wish to return may be referred to another teacher. This is due to the rapid degradation of piano skills and frustration that student, parents, and teacher experience during the 6 week return from the students hiatus. Such breaks commonly cause students to become upset since their playing skills, reading ability, focus, and confidence diminish rapidly from the point of their last lesson departure. This can lead to a tense teaching situation for both the student and teacher compounded by unreasonable expectations of the parents.


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It is not my policy to promote students walking into an audition situation unprepared. Some teachers allow this so that the student has the experience. I choose not to take this approach as it causes upset with colleagues who volunteer their time to judge these events. Additionally, the student who prepares appropriately deserves the opportunity. Students who do prepare in advance have a much, much better success rate.


Please ask for my teacher referral service. I provide this service for a variety of reasons because piano study Is a personal choice. If you are interested in seeking out other teachers and request a referral list of teachers I will provide a list of teachers in your area. A one time fee of $50 will be billed for this service. Please note that some teachers will require parents to take a 6 week course prior to engaging the student in lessons. Teachers conditions vary widely.


Please contact Ms. Kneale for additional classes that you would like to take. Minimum class size is 5 and Maximum class size is 12.

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I have read the above Studio Policy Handbook and Agreement. I accept the terms and conditions to be a student of Ms. Kneale. I have reviewed this policy with my son or daughter. Parent or adult please sign & date below and print your name.


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