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Two basic meditations

  •  Tonglen - breathe in all the dark & heavy thoughts, breathe out light.
  •  Mysticism meditation - sit in chair with feet on floor, legs side by side, and open hands face up resting on knees or thighs. Breathe in and follow the draw of air your lungs take in. Breathe out and follow the exhalation of air your body releases. Start with 3-5minutes and work up to 15-20min. Idea is to focus on breath, should clear other invasive thoughts.
Now offering Dream Yoga!
Year of the Rat!  2020
Daibutsu (Big Buddah) at Nara, Japan
photo by: Angela 'Kikuchi' Kneale
 My self-made Hawaii infused  mantra

Breath Forever or infinate breath; -  
mantra:  Aho, Mau loa, Kau a Kau 
(Aho = Breath, Mau Loa- everlasting, Kau a Kau - infinately)
Meditation and Breath work is included in individual music lessons. It is an important part of every day practice for performers. Miss Kneale has a meditation toolbox to draw from and customize a meditation routine to compliment lessons. 

If you are interested in having her lead meditation or give a class to you or your group, please feel free to contact her. 

In addition to Meditation and Breathwork, her lifestyle for intense performance is a class or two in itself. This includes vegan menu planning, daily routine, and dedication to spiritual healing.